About The Client.

The Union Foundry is a gathering of hardworking creators, makers and innovators. They are a community inspired by slow living, starting with ideas that are built on the time-honored values of utility, sustainability and longevity. UFCO loves to work hard, and that pay-off is a curated collection of apparel, wares and design Engage helps get to share with the world.

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01. Research

The Union Foundry, or UFxCO as it is sometimes referred, is setting out to be a community—this starts first with creatives, designs, makers, inventors, and the like. This also meant researching what this means. For the guys at Union Foundry, this means to be “Architects of Culture”.

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02. Design

We are currently working with the Union Foundry to develop their brand in logos and marketing. This is in tandem while they are building the community around them. It’s been a great journey thus far.

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03. Develop

The project will be a lifelong development, as it is rooted in community for these guys—this looks to be coworking spaces, cafes, retail shops and other ventures. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled!